Video Projection Mapping on Orchids

I've always lusted over the look of video projection. It was something I didn't really take up at my time in art school. The vibrant colours are and movements speak poetically to my interest for bioluminescence in deep sea creatures such as the comb jellyfish

 National Geographic

National Geographic

I tried a number of different programs for the projection mapping. I started with Madmapper, which I found really confusing and unfriendly, then I found HeavyM which works really well as it lets you use a tool to draw out your shapes live in front of you. The tool works just like the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator which made the process really familiar and enjoyable. 

I used a combination of outlines, animated fills and imported animations and effects for the overlays.  

Here is a short clip of the drawing process with the "pen" tool that works much like the one in Adobe Illustrator. 

Pen tool in action  

Here is short collection of all the clips I made.  Enjoy

Music credit- Jefferson Handkerchief - Allergic to flowers