Dye Part 2

Bottle Brush flower pink, Ghost gum green, berry purple hues, blue rosemary and berry, resin bark orange, gum nut cream and gum flower yellow are just some of the new colours we got to add to the spectrum of dyes that grow in the Brunswick area this month. Jessie and I are starting to build up a library of extraction techniques; brush painting the dye on, wrapping the dye mediums in the fabric and putting the medium flat on top in one layer.

We realised that using soy milk mordant and then the vinegar really helps the intensity and vibrancy of the colour the dye produces as opposed to just the soy. Although we have to try and find a solution to how we keep the sheen and the delicacy of silk after it loses its luminosity from being in the soy milk for s few days.

We're really impressed with the kind of gradient that we were able to achieve by placing the dye mediums straight onto the fabric in one even layer. In our gleeful anticipation of the results we uncovered what could immediately be likened with Mark Rothko's paintings. The pink was so luscious, intense and worthy of envy. 
We have also tried berries on cotton which worked beautifully for really vibrant purples.


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